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All haircuts include a wash, scalp massage, aromatherapy oil, blow dry and style.

Maintenance Haircut


 Light shaping with or without soft layers or texture.

Custom Haircut


Detailed or complex haircuts that require more time cutting and styling. Also for clients who have not been in for a haircut in a while.

Transformative Haircut


For clients looking for a complete cut and style transformation.

Dry Dusting


For clients looking to maintain as much length as possible and come in with their hair clean and dried. No wash or styling.

Bang Trim


A length adjustment to the front fringe. No wash.

Men’s Haircut 


Wash and Blow Out 


For average hair length and thickness.

Deluxe Wash and Blow Out


For clients who need more time due to long or thick hair.

We understand things happen. However, we kindly ask you cancel your appointment within 24 hours. The livelihood of our staff is dependent on the time you reserved, and there are others who wait patiently for their time.

Fifty percent of the service is charged only if the appointment is not kept.  If a guest continually cancels last minute, we reserve the right to book your next appointment with a credit card. We also reserve the right not to rebook the appointment.

We thank you for your understanding!

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