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Hair color


Hand Painted dimension that results in light to medium contrast with a soft grow out. Includes root melt.

If you are looking for a high contrast color book a lived-in session or if you are looking to be a lot blonder book a modern blonding session.

Signature Balayage


Balayage throughout the whole head.

Balayage Refresh


Partial Balayage focusing on the front and top layers.

We understand these things happen. However, we kindly ask that you cancel your appointment within 24 hrs.  The livelihood of our staff is dependent on the time you reserved, and there are others who wait patiently for their time.
If a guest continually cancels last minute, we reserve the right to book your next appointment with a credit card.
Fifty percent of the service is charged only if the appointment is not kept.  We also reserve the right not to rebook the appointment. We thank you for your understanding!

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