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Hair color


We use multiple techniques to achieve or maintain an overall blonde look. Includes a toner and root tap/ melt.  If you have previous dark color, you will need a consultation first.                    *We DO NOT apply lightener direct on the scalp*

Prices may vary according to stylist experience, hair length and thickness.

Blonding Session

$310 & up

This service is designed as a first session for clients looking to go lighter or as a maintenance for blondes who have gone no longer than 14 weeks since their last appointment.

Transformative Modern Blonding

$360 & up

This Blonding service is designed to offer a long session appointment for someone wanting a big transformation in 1 session, who have a lot of hair or dark hair.

Platinum Card

 $450 & up

We foil every hair for maximum impact protecting your hair with K-18 treatment before and after lightening. Finish with root tap and toner. Depending on starting level or previous color we might not be able to achieve the look desired in one session only.

Lived-in Blonde

$235 & up

For blondes that are looking to add high contrast dimension into their hair with a soft grow out.

Lived-in Brunette

$250 & up

For brunettes who would like to add high contrast dimension into their hair with a soft grow out.

We understand things happen. However, we kindly ask you cancel your appointment within 24 hours. The livelihood of our staff is dependent on the time you reserved, and there are others who wait patiently for their time.

Fifty percent of the service is charged only if the appointment is not kept. If a guest continually cancels last minute, we reserve the right to book your next appointment with a credit card. We also reserve the right not to rebook the appointment.

We thank you for your understanding!

Face Frame/ Money Piece

$85 & up

For clients who would like to brighten the color around their face.

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